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Happiness and Hoppiness!

It's Friday!

What a great day to combine my two loves - thinking and drinking! Today, we are thinking about happiness, and we are drinking a happiness companion beer. Sierra Nevada's Liquid Hoppiness IPA. It is fruity and kinda sorta bitter, but still delicious!

As summertime starts to come to an end and the excitement and business of the year's end and holiday season begins, my mind drifts to happiness.

Happiness has several meanings, depending on who you ask. In her book, Atlas of the Heart, Brene Brown defines happiness as, "feeling pleasure often related to the immediate environment or current circumstances." On a grander scale, it can be defined as subjective well-being. This is subjective, because what makes me happy, may not make you happy and vice versa.

The point is most of us chase happiness our whole lives and if we find it, it may feel short-lived. We convince ourselves that we will be happy when we have perfect circumstances, or we achieve some type of goal. For example, I'll be happy when I get this new job. I'll be happy when the kids are more independent. I'll be happy when I get back from the vacation. I'll be happy when my boss retires. Happiness becomes conditional and we get conditioned to think that life is suffering until some magical thing happens and when it does, we just move the goalpost to something else to bring us happiness. Happiness can be in the moment, but it can also be a way of life. I

One of my most transitional moments, was reading the book, The Happiness Advantage, by Shawn Achor. It came at time where I was not happy and was reacting to situations in ways that kept me miserable. Shaun Achor laid out seven principles to living in happiness. I had nothing to lose, so I tried them immediately. The results were instantaneous and the whole trajectory of my life shifted, by changing the way I looked at my reality.

I choose happiness every day. Life happens. It isn't always pleasant or preferable, but I make the intentional choice to not dwell on what sucks. Instead, I practice gratitude for what is, and try to come up with a solution for what is stealing my joy. This includes creating some strong boundaries and what and who I allow to take my time and energy and saying no to things that steal my happiness. It isn't always easy, but it is always worth it.

So, let's think about happiness -

  • When do you feel happy?

  • Who brings you happiness?

  • Who drains your happiness?

  • How do you make time for things that bring you joy?

  • When you don't have happiness, what do you feel?

  • How might you be responding to life, based on those feelings?

  • How do you show gratitude?

  • What do you want in life? How do your choices get you closer to what you want?

  • Who supports you in your happiness?

  • Who sabotages you in your happiness?

  • What boundaries do you need to create/enforce in your life?

If you are searching for more happiness in your life and organization, consider coaching. Schedule your free consultation today.

What are your thoughts on happiness? Comment below and let's discuss!

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