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Giving the Gift 

Giving the Gift Coaching is all about generosity. Generosity to yourself for the gift of growth, grace, and unlived potential. Give yourself the gift of living your best life.


Giving the Gift offers many services to meet your individual needs.

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Life Coaching

For people who need assistance in achieving their life goals, including relationships, career, finances, health, and well-being.

Leadership Presentation

Leadership Coaching

For professionals wanting to grow their leadership skills and capacity and need additional support through the growth process.

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Custom Training Services

For organizations and businesses interested in growing their organizational capacity through training and development. All trainings and topics are customized for your specific needs.

Book a free consultation.

Book a free, no obligation, consultation to see if life or leadership coaching is right for you. You can also schedule a free consultation for training services and discuss your organization's training needs.

About Me: I have worked with people in crisis my whole adult life, while simultaneously dealing with my own. Most interventions in my life were telling me what I needed to do to improve, versus empowering me to be accountable for my own choices and decision-making. When I was finally given the gift of real coaching, I was able to unpack and understand my own values, personality, beliefs, and desires which led me to making choices that supports me in living my best, most fulfilled life, both personally and professionally. Giving the Gift Coaching and Training is designed to pay it forward, and build individual and organizational capacity, through education, and coaching. See if you can benefit from the freedom to choose. Schedule a free consultation today.

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