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Training Course Catalog

All training courses are customizable to your organization's learning and budget needs. This catalog is designed to be a starting point for your training needs and a free consultation call is included for each module.

Training Topics

Leadership Development Program

This program is designed for those new to a leadership role, who are looking to assess and grow their leadership skills. Experienced leaders may also benefit from the "back to basics" approach to modernize and polish their leadership style. This series focuses on topics such as understanding your leadership role, communication, motivation, working with a team, giving direct feedback, creating a healthy work environment, and managing change.

From Stress to Success

This set of training courses focus on taking a reality-based approach to working through everyday work issues and creating a solution-focused environment. This is a skills-based curriculum focused on topics such as emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion, navigating change communication, managing drama, critical thinking, and dealing with difficult behaviors. 

Professional Development

These courses focus on professional development skills and may be role dependent. These courses were created with professionals in mind who are hoping to grow or polish their skillset.

Courses include topics such as, business writing, public speaking, communication, giving meaningful feedback, managing change, motivational interviewing and coaching, leading a team, and training for trainers.

Am I the right trainer for your organization?

I began my training journey in the early 2000's, when low rise jeans and layered tank tops were all the rage. What started as an opportunity to try something new, has now blossomed into a passion. I have trained for UC Davis Continuing Education since 2016, creating dynamic courses and series for Human Services professionals and other government and civic agencies. My training courses are created with the learner in mind - what do they want to learn and how to I make sure they leave feeling empowered and that their time in training was well spent? I use my knowledge of adult learning styles, modern leadership, and two decades of experience to create courses that are meaningful, interactive, and engaging. Learners can anticipate a relaxed, low risk, and safe environment, stories and jokes, and a pragmatic approach to skill building. Every course ends with a commitment from learners to practice their new skill. Schedule a free consultation to see if I am the right trainer for the job!

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